Health Insurance in Australia

The health care in Australia is public. Citizens pay taxes (around 1.5% end up in the health system) and in this way Australians are entitled to free basic assistance, so hospitalization and general medical examinations are included or reimbursed by the insurance public health, the so-called Medicare.

All the rest is paid, like the ambulance, the dentist and the optician. Precisely for this reason, many Australians take out private policies, which entitle to an ambulance and other services, including specialist visits and even opticians and dentists, depending on coverage. For those who are not resident in Australia there is not much choice: sooner or later it is better (or in some cases mandatory) to take out health insurance in Australia.

To tell the truth there is not much difference between an insurance and the other, everything is to see which is the most convenient depending on the visa and the persons covered by the same medical insurance in Australia.

Working holiday visa insurance

Working holiday visa insurance

Once your Medicare has expired (free health insurance valid for six months from your arrival through Working Holiday Visa thanks to an international agreement between Italy and Australia) you have two options:

  • Leaving the country to take a vacation and return so that another 6 months of health care in Australia are reactivated.
  • Contact us to take out a policy starting at $ 45 a month

Student visa insurance

Student visa insurance

Health insurance for OSHC students (Overseas Student Health Cover) is mandatory for student visa applications and must be paid in a lump sum before applying for a visa. Here are some examples of prices that include: general practitioner, hospitalization and ambulance.

  • Single: $ 38 a month
  • Couple: $ 45 a month each
  • Family: $ 317 per month

Just Australia represents a number of Australian insurance companies. Then you can do your health insurance in Australia directly with us, depending on your budget, time and coverage level. You can also choose between: singles, partners and family, depending on your family in Australia.

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