Healthcare in Australia: Medicare

Australian health system

Australian health system

You know how much I love Australia, so for the sake of objectivity I write to you about my experience with the Australian health system:

– expected by the general practitioner: more than an hour and a half despite having an appointment. In front of me old people, a couple also Italian, so much that I felt at home :(. In the waiting room a corner with games for children. Cute, I thought. When a child began to play throwing very loud cries in front of the impassive mother I realized that there is worse than old people lined up in front of you by the general practitioner.

– do you know that if your doctor prescribes you blood type tests or something similar, then you can’t pick them up? You have to go back to the primary care physician who gives you the results. Obviously, paying.

– specialist visit: the three doctors who had been recommended to me had waiting lists of MORE THAN FOUR MONTHS. And I am talking about a visit WITH PAYMENT, PRIVATE !!! I mean, worse than in Italy, that at least if you pay the visit you will get it immediately.

– I’ll take the first doctor available, after about a month and a half – which, I mean, is a lot, it’s too much. He is an English boy who will have more or less my age and, unfortunately, more or less my experience, so much so that it is I who tell him what I think is best done (for those who read me, I am a doctor). And anyway, if you want to go in private, you have to go to the general practitioner, who has to give you a “referral” and then … to pay!

– The specialist does not give you the letter with written what you have to do as happens with us, but he writes it later. So send it to you … guess where? From the general practitioner, so you have to come back again and … pay (but I have to admit that this was kind, being a colleague sent it to me at home, so I spared myself).

Now, I understand that if you are an Australian or you have Medicare, your general practitioner will not pay you, but in any case the system is too complicated for me and without necessity.

After all, it’s just my point of view. Here, then, I appreciate that there are no objector doctors, that if you need the morning-after pill nobody denies it or even the pharmacist allows you to refuse it (which I think is abominable and illegal, but that happens every day in Italy).

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