How private health insurance works

Medical insurance provides greater peace of mind to its users, as they provide a series of services and advantages that are very useful at the time they are most needed: when a disease occurs or any health problem occurs.

The operation of a medical or health care insurance is not different from any other type of insurance: the client pays a premium and, in exchange, accesses a health coverage that is perfectly detailed in the contracted policy.

It is worth explaining that this coverage can be satisfied in two ways, either through the medical chart that the insurer itself makes available to its client (and this includes hospitals, clinics and health professionals), or by allowing the insured to choose in what way. medical center and what professionals you want to be treated (refund option). In Spain, the first of these options is the most used, although many users value the ability to freely choose where and who serves them. It is one of the advantages of medical insurance, to which are added others that we detail below.

What are the advantages of private health insurance?

What are the advantages of private health insurance?

One of the main reasons why many people decide to get health insurance is because of the speed of care . Hospitals and private centers take great care of this aspect and among their priorities is to shorten as much as possible the time that users have to wait to be treated, diagnosed and treated. In addition, in private healthcare it is possible to go directly to the specialist, without having to go through the family doctor.

In this sense, the medical insurance centers and hospitals offer a much longer service schedule that adapts to the needs of any user.

This flexibility also means that the patient can choose among the many professionals that make up the medical picture of their insurance. In this way, if the user is not satisfied with a particular doctor or simply wants to be treated by another professional, he has only to request it from his insurer.

As simple as it is to ask for a second medical opinion , one of the options most appreciated by users and which helps to strengthen the effectiveness of medical insurance. Thus, before any illness or health problem, the insured can count on the assurance that his case can be studied by more than one professional.

And speaking of health options, there are more and more medical insurance that offer access to techniques and professionals of the so-called ‘alternative medicines’. Until now, access to this type of treatment was restricted to clinics or private consultations, but it is increasingly the private medical cadres that give you the possibility of incorporating these types of alternatives to your portfolio of services.

In addition, in regard to additional coverage , a good part of medical insurance includes dental assistance, with the significant savings that this entails for the insured. In this way, once the health insurance is contracted, the user can have the peace of mind that he will access all the health services he needs without the need for further complications.

This peace of mind also extends to the international arena, as many insurances offer health coverage when you are traveling in a foreign country .

Finally, a ‘detail’ that makes the difference are the hospital facilities that private insurances put at the service of their insured. In this regard, it is especially appreciated by users the possibility of having a single room for each patient, as well as a series of comforts for the family member who accompanies him during hospitalization nights.

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What does the price of health insurance depend on?

What does the price of health insurance depend on?

The wide range that currently exists in terms of medical insurance has made the prices of premiums have become very competitive in recent years. But to understand how the cost of these premiums works, it should be noted that, as in any other insurance, the price varies depending on the risk that the insurer assumes. Let’s see what factors influence the cost of health insurance:

The age of the insured : young people are less likely to suffer from diseases or develop some serious pathology, so for them health insurance is much cheaper than for insured elderly. The normal thing is that the insurance premium is increased as the user turns into years.

Hedges that are hired : the price of the premium also depends on the services to which the insured accesses. Typically, the larger the service portfolio that is accessed, the higher the insurance price also becomes.

Copayment : Most health insurances offer the option of copayment to their users. This option is summarized in that the insured will pay a small amount of money each time he accesses the services of his medical insurance; on the other hand, the monthly or annual premium that this insured person must pay will be smaller. This is a way to reduce the insurance bill if the user plans to make little use of his health coverage.

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