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Tips for using & financing labeling machines


Cost optimization is the focus of all companies. There are a variety of ways in each industry to implement this successfully. Importantly, cutting costs does not degrade quality or productivity – so companies are constantly on the lookout for the right options to automate and become more efficient.

Sooner or later, every successful company is faced with the question of whether and to what extent an expansion should take place. As the order load increases, the demands on internal process management increase. If you do not react properly, you may lose valuable customers due to missed deadlines or inferior product quality.

Often the purchase of suitable machines is the next logical step. Modern labeling machines are, for example, products that can be used in many areas:

  • food industry
  • shipping
  • ERP

Process optimization and partial automation: working with labeling machines

Process optimization and partial automation: working with labeling machines

Semi-automated processes, or even work steps that are often carried out completely by hand, cost time, personnel and are susceptible to errors. If a workspace is automated with the right machine, nothing stands in the way of successful process optimization.

Note on the use of labeling machines

Labeling machines are extremely versatile. With the correct planning, such machines can be adapted to the individual requirements of a company – another way is available to save costs and to optimize the work steps.

Financing of labeling machines

Financing of labeling machines

One obstacle, which especially small and medium-sized companies are often struggling with, is the purchase price for machines of all kinds. Before purchasing, a detailed and realistic cost statement should be made. The future production and optimization possibilities can ideally be exploited with a future growth potential – in this case, the amortization of the acquisition costs is to be expected.

Tip for the purchase of a labeling machine

In a consultation conversation can be discussed and determine which realistic acquisition options exist for the company. This information can be included in the individual planning and in many cases facilitate the upcoming decision.

Finance automation and process optimization

Although spending company capital for process optimization is often the preferred solution for many entrepreneurs, such an expense is not always possible. A detailed financing plan is also important if you want to use a company loan through the bank. However, if it is clear that the investment is a promising asset to the company, many banks are often very accommodating.

Investors use for important acquisitions in the company

Nevertheless, bank credit is not always possible. For this case, more credit routes are available, such. Eg the way through investors. Not infrequently, such are among their own major customers. Because those who are interested in a long and fruitful cooperation can secure and optimize their own supply chain through an investment.

But various credit platforms for the granting of loans also show potential – but caution should be taken not to give unrealistic rate pledges. Dissatisfied lenders can further weaken an already strained financial situation.

Financing the labeling machine with subsidies

If it can be demonstrated that the process optimization and automation leads to the expansion of staff by purchasing, for example, labeling machines, subsidies may also be available. This is simply about the profitability of the company and the support of the labor market. Both state and private institutions offer appropriate opportunities for funding. The funding opportunities are quite different in the federal states – a consultation with the local chamber of commerce, the employment agency or other guilds of the individual industries are helpful details to interested entrepreneurs on.